Farm Market Hours:

We are closed for the season.

Look for updates in mid-April when asparagus arrives!

Pick-Your-Own Peaches

Late July-August

PYO Peaches are out of season. Fields are closed.

During the peak of the peach season, the orchard is open  four weekends, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday 8am-1pm beginning either the last weekend in July or the first weekend in August. Please plan your visit to ensure you are done picking and ready to check out before the field’s closing time.

Check in:
Check in with the attendant in the orchard during u-pick hours. If you do not see an attendant, please call or check in at the market. Do not pick any fruit without checking in first.

Please park close to the field attendant’s vehicle. Pull off the lane far enough for others to safely pass. Do not park in the orchard rows.

U-pick peaches are sold be the ½ bushel and ½ peck. Please pick in the containers provided.

PYO Crop Schedule

Picking Tip:
The background color on peaches turns from green to yellow when they are ripe. At this point they have reached their ideal sugar content, although they may still be firm.

The peaches should  soften over the next day or two if you leave them out on your kitchen counter. If you would like them to stay firm, keep them in the refrigerator.

Please keep your pets on a leash in the parking lot or open field next to the market. No pets are allowed in fields where fresh produce is harvested.

Please help us keep our fields nice:

Do not bring any food or drink into the field. Water bottles are OK, but PLEASE take them with you when you leave.  You are welcome to picnic under our pavilion or on the front porch – NOT under the fruit trees.

Do not climb the trees.