Farm Market Hours:

We are closed for the season.

Look for updates in mid-April when asparagus arrives!

Pick-Your-Own Tart Cherries

Early-Mid June

Out of season. Fields are closed.

Fresh tart cherries make delicious pies, jam, and baked treats. There’s nothing better than a fresh cherry pie for Father’s Day! Freeze pitted cherries so you can have pies at Thanksgiving and Christmas too!

Doctors keep finding new health benefits of tart cherries. You have probably already heard they fight inflammation which is linked to arthritis and gout. But did you know they speed up recovery from a workout, or that they promote a better night’s sleep?

During cherry season, the field is open regular market hours. Please plan your visit to ensure you are done picking and ready to check out before closing time.

Check in:
Always check in at the market before picking.

Please park in the market’s parking lot. Do not park your car on Leager Road. If you need assistance getting your cherries into the market, just let us know -- we would be happy to carry them for you.

PYO Crop Schedule

U-pick tart cherries are sold by the pound. We provide buckets for picking, and then transfer your cherries to cardboard boxes to take home. You may prefer to bring your own containers to take your cherries home and we encourage that.

We grow Montmorency tart cherries.

Picking Tip:
We have a limited supply of tart cherries, and sometimes the season is very short, so be sure to sign up for our e-newsletter to receive updates when the cherries are ready.

If you are interested in already picked cherries or are unable to pick your own, please call the market and we can pick for you while they are available.

Our insurance company does not allow us to provide ladders for picking and we do not encourage you to bring your own. Our crew harvests the cherries that are out of reach.

Please keep your pets on a leash in the parking lot or open field next to the market. No pets are allowed in fields where fresh produce is harvested.

Please help us keep our fields nice:
Do not bring any food or drink into the field. Water bottles are OK, but PLEASE take them with you when you leave. You are welcome to picnic under our pavilion or on the front porch – NOT under the fruit trees.

Do not climb the trees.